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Juneyoung Lee (이준영), Ph.D.

I am an Applied Scientist at Automated Reasoning Group in AWS (Austin, TX). I work on writing provably correct code that is also fast.

Previously, I was a research engineer CryptoLab, a pioneering company for developing homomorphic encryption frameworks. I also fulfilled my military service in an alternative form by working for this company.

I received Ph.D. from Software Foundations Lab, Seoul National University in August, 2021. When I was a graduate student, I worked on clarifying the semantics of the intermediate representation of the LLVM compiler infrastructure and implementing compiler optimization validators.

I actively sent patches to LLVM (commits/patches) to (1) make LLVM IR semantics abide by a formal definition, and (2) resolve performance issues of the generated machine code after my patches. I also participated in developing Alive2 (https://alive2.llvm.org/), an automatic optimization validator (pull requests).

E-mail: lebjuney@amazon.com, aqjune@gmail.com (personal), juneyoung.lee@sf.snu.ac.kr (old)



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